H.E. Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki

prof. kaptan singh solanki


It is a matter of immense pleasure that National Integrated Forum of Artists and Activists (NIFAA) is organizing international Culture Festival 'Harmony 2017' from 21st to 28th October, 2017 at Karnal. It is equally gratifying that 'Harmony-2017' is dedicated to Golden Jubilee year of the state of Haryana.
Visual and Performing Arts are an essential part of life. They integrate life and learning in a unique manner. They provide unique means of expression of emotions and ideas; explore new horizons of culture and help in understanding the world in its entirety.
In this respect NIFAA is one such organization, which is doing yeoman service to the society by providing a stage where artists can showcase their creative genius. IT has done tremendous work in plethora of fields like abolition of social evils, uplifment of weaker section of society, promotion of patriotic love and national integration, promotion of Indian folk arts, India folk culture, environment safety programmes, women empowerment and child welfare, adventure excursions and especially cultural based activities.
Thus NIFAA is consistently marching towards formation of a better society and peaceful world. I am confident that its International Culture Festival 'Harmony 2017' will succeed in bringing to forefront the brilliance of artists. It would provide a Golden opportunity to the common: man to see the achievements made by artists and it would also be fruitful for the artists to inspire them. I convey my best wishes to the organizers as well as the participants. I also wish a great success to the festival.

(Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki)