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"When we get up in the morning and listen to the radio or read the newspaper, we are confronted with the same sad news: violence, crime, wars, and disasters. I cannot recall a single day without a report of something terrible happening somewhere. Even in these modern times it is clear that one's precious life is not safe. No former generation has had to experience so much bad news as we face today: this constant awareness of fear and tension should make any sensitive and compassionate person question seriously the progress of our modern world." These words of His Holiness Dalai Lama show us the mirror of today's world where we are living.

Despite the bleak picture of this world it is the cherished desire of mankind for all war, oppression and exploitation to be banished forever from this world leaving only the promised future of true freedom, peace and prosperity.

There are many ways to promote  peace in the world but the best way is to promote people to people relations between natives of different countries because "a whole lot of world problems would be solved if we realized that people from other countries are just like us." In NIFAA we are trying to encourage long-term peace through its youth cultural and social exchange programmes and other activities.

Below are some of the steps toward the world peace contribution by our organization:

When anti National forces tried to derail the peace talks between India and Pakistan by killing innocent travellers on Attari Express, NIFAA organised a peace march from Diwana Railway Station (Panipat) to Attari Railway Station from 17th to 18th March, 2007 to encourage peace between India and Pakistan. The train bomb blast was a heinous task against humanity. It was most shameful activity committed by terrorists to derail the bilateral peace talks between two nations. It was mournful time for the general public. NIFAA peace march successfully showed that Indians were equally anguished as Pakistanis were. Indian masses have the same pain and grief over the Attari express bomb blast as their Pakistani counterparts. NIFAA through this peace march tried to balm the pain of victims of this blast. To achieve this humanitarian task, peace messages from administration, politicians, general masses of all 20 districts of Haryana State were collected on white banners and these 20 banners (each 15 meter wide) were presented to Pakistani officials on Wagha check post as a message of peace to the people of Pakistan.

When the relations of India with its neighbouring country Pakistan were at stake due to latter's indifferent attitude towards India and anti national elements were trying to encourage hatred and tension between people of both the countries NIFAA took an initiative to ease this tension by organizing, "Ek Sham Bharat Pak-Dosti Ke Naam" where famous Pakistani singer Reshma and budding indian singer Vivek Ranga were invited to sing the songs of love and friendship. In the presence of H.E. Dr. A. R. Kidwai, Governor of Haryana, People of the region not only enjoyed the melodious voice of Reshma and Vivek but also recalled the days when India and Pakistan were one country. This programme certainly played a positive role in improving relations between natives of two neighboring countries.

Quest for Peace(A message against terrorism):

In present era when most of the countries are facing terrorism as a big threat to the existence of humanity, it is the need of the hour that each and every human being should stand up against this menace to make this world free from terrorist activities. Keeping this in view NIFAA organized various programmes under the title, "Quest for Peace" to make the general masses aware that collective and vigilant efforts are required to eradicate this evil from the planet. On the anniversary of 9/11 attack on World Trade center, which changed the approach of every nation about terrorism. NIFAA organized a programme at St. Theresa's Auditorium in Kernel where NIFAA artists presented a choreography on the tragic incident showing the city before the attack and plight of the people after the attack. NIFAA had given a clear message to thousands of citizens and students that it is their duty to be vigilant and work together to end terrorism from this world.

NIFAA also organized candle light processions to show its solidarity with the victims of Mumbai Terrorist Attack and any other similar activity anywhere in the world.

Quest for Peace (To achieve Nuclear Weapons free world):

In 1945, Japan became the first and only nation in the world which suffered atomic bombings. It was a horrible tragedy beyond imagination, not only for Japan but also for the entire world.

Fortunately, in the post World War II era, no nuclear war has been fought. But the fact is that thousands of nuclear weapons still exist today. More nations have acquired these weapons. There is always a danger that some unscrupulous elements, with malicious intent, may attempt to obtain A-bomb manufacturing technology or to acquire those weapons. Now is the time to change the mind set of nuclear powers of the world. NIFAA has started an initiative to mobilize maximum support especially from younger generation for a world without nuclear arms. Since 2007 we are organizing programme "Quest for Peaceā€ on the day of 1st Nuclear bombing on Hiroshima in collaboration with Japan Information Center, Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation where a large number of youngsters especially students were invited to have a firsthand information on this tragedy through documentary films, posters and lectures. Last year we organized a Painting Competition with participation of about 200 students of Delhi, so that the message of world peace can be inculcated in younger and future generation of our country. In the present year we have aimed to organize the similar event at National level with an expected participation of about 10,000 students from all over India. NIFAA members also visit Japan every year to participate in Hiroshima Peace Prayer and on return they shared their experience with the participants of Quest for Peace Programme here in India. NIFAA chairman Pritpal Singh Pannu was invited by Yamaguchi Prefecture University to address the students on the need of nuclear weapons free world and role of student community in its achievement. To make this visit more meaningful and beneficial for world peace NIFAA Chairman also launched A Youth Declaration at Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Hiroshima in Japan.

The Youth Declaration is a statement seeking a world free of nuclear weapons before 75th anniversary of 1st nuclear explosion in Hiroshima i.e. August 6, 2020. We are inviting youth, students and the public to endorse this document in order to bring these issues to the attention of United Nation and Governments having Nuclear Weapons, and to illustrate that eradication of nuclear weapons is a matter of urgent international significance & directly related to human existence. Till date more than 1,00,000 people has signed this youth petition and we are expecting about one million signature by 6" of August 2011 and we intend to handover this signed statement to Mayor of Hiroshima to express our support for nuclear weapons free world. Anybody can log on to our web site or to support and sign this initiative.

International Conferences on World Peace, Universal Brotherhood and role of youth in communal harmony: which took place in the New Delhi (India), in November 2009 and again in Rohtak(India), has set a "Agenda" for the youth to know their role in world peace in the coming years. Over 1,000 youth, from different groups, were advised by the intellectuals, how to make international peace possible. The Rt. Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, President Republic of Mauritius attended both the conferences as Chief Guest. Among the prominent dignitaries were Governor of Haryana Sh. Jagannath Pahadia, Chief Minister of Haryana Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, then High Commissioner of Mauritius MrMookssuwur Choonee, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Members of Haryana Legislative Assembly, Vice Chancellors and elite of the society. In the first conference, world fame motivator, and philosopher Shiv Khera in his key note address enlightened the audience on various aspects of world peace and suggested measures to achieve this target. Bhai Kanhaiya Ji International Peace Award were conferred on torch bearers of world peace. Noted social activist Swami Agnivesh, Famous Motivator Shiv Khera, Human right activist from Pakistan Advocate Mr. Ansar Burney, Padam Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Regional Director Commonwealth Youth Programme Asia Center Sh. Raj Kishore Mishra, President Bhartiya Yuva Shakti and well known explorer and author Sh. Akhil Bakshi, Ex. Secretary to Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr. Suresh Ramburn, Founder chairman of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin Dr. Thomas Abraham, an honest and committed IPS Arshinder Singh Chawla and prominent businessman & social worker Kailsh Goel were the recipient of this prestigious award.

In the year 2010, the International Conference on world peace was held at Rohtak in Haryana state of India where President of Mauritius Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Governor Sh. Jaganath Pahadia, and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda were among the chief dignitaries. Key Note speaker of the conference Dr. S.N Subba Rao, a fellow of Gandhi Peace Foundation and founder of National Youth Project inspired and uplifted the spirit of youth for building a new society based on Love, Peace, Harmony and Social Justice. On this occasion Mauritius President Sir Anerood Jugnauth was bestowed with Ch. Ranbir Singh Distinguished Parliamentarian Award by Haryana Governor Sh. Jagannath Pahadia.