Inviting Artists & Social activists from various parts of country aiming to provide the youth a common platform to interact.
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NIFAA organized National Integration Camps by inviting artists and social activists from various parts of the country for a 10 day long residential camps in Karnal, Sirsa etc. Till date 5 camps have been organized. The camp aims to provide the youth from different parts of the country and from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds a common platform to interact with each other, know each other's customs and life styles, to work together in community welfare projects and in the process make them aware of the underlying unity amidst diversity. By living together in a camp, albeit for a limited period, the young participants developed better understanding of different perceptions, beliefs, faiths and life styles, which in turn would strengthen a secular and eclectic outlook on their part.

Camp Activities :

The camp activities were planned for the youth in order to instill in them the spirit of national integration through:

  1. Seminars, discussions, informal meetings, group discussions, debates, lectures, essay and elocution competitions on the theme of national integration and communal harmony.
  2. Community work, like mass literacy, anti-drug, anti- AIDS, pulse-polio, health awareness and environmental campaigns.
  3. Reading and learning from scriptures of various religions and books which inspire the promotion of national integration.
  4. Cultural programmes.
  5. Spiritual discourses.
  6. Yoga and meditation.
  7. Work camps in which the youth donate manual labour to create durable community assets.
  8. Environmental Awareness Campaign.
  9. Visit to places of historical importance and scenic beauty as well as to the sites of important developmental projects.
  10. Joint participation of visitors and hosts in social developmental projects.
  11. Participation in regional festivals.

Today India and its people have become a vital reference in the world. Indian people have successfully engraved many stories of achievement in different areas of life. In education, commerce, economy and technology, they have achieved unparallel progress side by side. But a dark side is also there. Although they have been successfully promoting their rich history and inculcating their cultural heritage and social values in their children, yet a large number of our younger generation is not much aware about India's glorious past. NIFAA regularly organises programmes on the birth and martyrs/demise day of great personalities of the country so that our younger and future generation could be sensitized about great life tales and sacrifices of our ancestors, our great freedom fighters, saints and reformers. NIFAA is on the forefront to remember great son/daughters of mother India like Mahatma
ukhdev, Chander Shekhar Azad, ShaheedGandhi, Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Udham Singh, Neta Ji Subash Chander Bose, Kalpana Chawla, founder President of Naujwan Bharat Sabha Comrade Ram Piara, Lala Lajpat Rai and great personalities of Indian freedom history.

National Integration Rallies and Pad Yatras were organized to involve general masses in the process of promotion of National Integration. These rallies comprising artists and social activists from different states of India, crossed through busiest parts of the cities, so that maximum number of people could see different colours of Indian society. Unity in Diversity was always a brand slogan for these rallies and padyatras.

Seminars on communal and religious harmony were arranged by NIFAA independently and also in collaboration with prominent bodies of different religions. NIFAA also produced and staged light and sound dramas, verbal plays and street plays to reach out large section of the society with message of National Harmony.

Poetical recitations were also organized to promote National Integration among viewers. Special patriotic functions were organized in Jail premises to sensitize prisoners and under trials about their duty towards their motherland.