MISSION-2010: State Level Campaign against dowry, gender inequality and female foeticide.


It has been around 40 years when law prohibiting dowry came into existence in India. But unfortunately the evil does not seem to die. Dowry deaths in India are still reported in thousands and what is more shocking is that many of such deaths are reported from family who are supposed to be educated. This evil lead to another major social issue prevailing in the society that is female foeticide. Both the evils are shattering the social structure of the country and females are specially affected.

Although from its inception NIFAA had organized various activities against these two social evils, yet in the year 2006 this campaign was taken with full zest and zeal by organizing state level Chetna Yatra covering all districts of Haryana state. NIFAA volunteers covered kindreds of miles through villages, cities, slum areas and people were educated about these social menaces through street plays, brochures, seminars, rallies and direct talks. On the completion of Chetna Yatra a state level seminar was organized at Kurukshetra where more than 2500 young leaders assembled for a day long deliberation on these issues. In the 1st session renowned resource persons enlightened the youth about the dowry system, gender imbalance and its impact on the society while in the second session presentations on drug menace and HIV AIDS were given by Haryana AIDS control Society about the dowry system, g, ndir: enlightened the youth NIFAA in the presence of Sh. Shailesh, IAS and Secretary Union Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs launched an ambitious project under the title "MISSION. 2010" targeting to reach maximum parts of the state with message of awareness against these four social evils In this four year long campaign NIFAA conducted various activities to achieve the target such as:-

A state level street play workshop was organized in which young volunteers from all 21 districts of the State were invited and 21 street play teams were prepared. These 21 teams are now functioning in their respective districts to make the general masses aware through powerful media of acting against above mentioned social evils. Educational seminars were organized at Urban as well at village level to make the people aware about the bad impact of these social evils on the structure of the society and development of the Nation. The focus was to involve maximum young people in this project.