"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything."  ~Arabic proverb

India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various eye opening data from NFHS clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge. While the health statistics of rural India continue to be poor, the health status and access to health services of urban slum dwellers on the other has also surfaced to be equally deplorable. Despite accounting for 1/4th of the country's poor population, urban areas have less than 4% of government primary health care facilities.

When an epidemic broke out in Mohidinpur claiming lives of many poor people, NIFAA medical camp at the village school. The camp was organized to provide free medical services to all communities in and around Mohidinpur village. Over 550 people turned up for the camp; All were treated and some cases referred to Karnal. The organization took the responsibility of providing all necessary logistics including free Medicines/Drugs.

The organization's objective of setting up free medical camp in Maili Tiisa was to assist the poor people who could not get proper medical services in the area.

We were also aiming to improve socio-economic status of the people who are in need of a helping hand to improve their standard of living, so that they may in turn serve their country more effectively. Dr. Tajinder Singh of Noor Hospital, Dr. Rajiv Gupta of Amritdhara Hospital and their team spent an entire day to provide their services free of cost to the villagers. Haryana State Medical Representative Association led by its President Parvesh Gaba extended their support by providing free medicines to the needy people. NIFAA chairman Pritpal Singh Pannu and then organizing secretary Harish Sharma enlightened the villagers about proper sanitation so that they could save their precious lives from such diseases which spread due to poor sanitary conditions. Similar types of medical camps were also organized at Dera Kar Sewa and other villages and slums of Haryana including Faridabad, Bhiwani and Sirsa Districts.

Every Year our nation requires about 100 million units of blood. Emergency occurs every second. We need to be prepared to face any kind of  adversities, natural as well as manmade. It is an opportunity to be empathetic, and donate blood compassionately. God loves them who love their fellow beings- This concept always inspired NIFAA volunteers. NIFAA used the big assemblies on important days to sensitize people about myth and realities of blood donation and to inspire them for blood donation. On the 300th anniversary of Martyrs Day of 5th Sikh Guru Arjun Dev Ji, NIFAA urged the devotees to donate their blood as an offering to their revered Guru who sacrificed his life to save humanity. On the call of NIFAA hundreds of devotees come forward and donated their one unit of blood. Similar procedure was adopted this year on the Death Anniversary of great Indo-American Astronaut Kalpana Chawla and people were requested to pay their homage to the daughter of the city by donating one unit of their blood. The Appeal was taken up by residents with full enthusiasm and about 300 people come forward and donated their blood. The blood was donated especially to mark the memory of Late Dr. Kalpana Chawla.

NIFAA Narnaul Unit also organized a blood donation camp on the installation ceremony of their newly appointed district NIFAA unit. 51 youth volunteers come forward and contributed in the process of saving precious lives and donated their blood for the needy patients. During the Holla Mohalla festival at Anandpur Sahib NIFAA volunteers donated their blood in world's largest blood donation camp organized by various Sikh religious organizations.

NIFAA organized Yog and Pranayam Shivir at Sector 7 park and 31' May stadium of police line Karnal to educate about the traditional Indian exercises to keep them physically and mentally fit.

Our Faridabad unit felicitated elderly persons at an old age home by providing them necessary items and honouring with shawl and memento. Free woolen sweaters were donated to orphans of M.D.D. Bal Bhawan at Karnal by the organization. NIFAA is playing an active role on international matters of Indian concern. NIFAA raised its voice for the safe release of Indian war victims including innocent Sarabjeet Singh lodged in Pakistan Jail. Sarabjit Singh, is an Indian citizen who was convicted for some Manjeet Singh's alleged involvement in 1990 serial bomb blasts in Lahore and Multan that killed 14 people. He was given death sentence, but his hanging was repeatedly postponed. His family led by his sister Daljeet Kaur is running from pillar to post to establish that it is a case of mistaken identity and he is being prosecuted for a crime which he never committed. NIFAA supported her movement and raised its voice at various levels.

A peace march was taken from Karnal to Delhi and a demonstration was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Later on, a memorandum was presented to the High Commissioner of Pakistan for immediate release of Sarabjeet and other war victims. NIFAA chairman Pritpal Singh Pannu also met Congress youth leader Rahul Gandhi to seek his help and intervention in this matter which was positively responded.

NIFAA also helps commence the marriage ceremonies of poor girls around India. As in present India there are many families of girls who are unable to sustain themselves and don't have any source of income enough to marry their girls in future. So, we NIFAA helps these types of families with funds so that they can solemnise their Child's marriage. NIFAA also arranges community marriages where we arrange for mass marriage of poor families.

NIFAA provided items of necessity to the other organizations working for the betterment of the society. An inverter and battery was donated to Pash Library in Karnal so that literary activities could get boost in the area. In this series, NIFAA donated one washing machine to "Mata Parkash Kaur School of Deaf and Dumb Children", one DVD player with speakers to M.D.D. BAL Bhawan (orphanage) and one computer to district prison to make the prisoners computer literate.

NIFAA always supported talented and needy sportspersons, students and artists to keep their momentum high. Mallika Sharma a budding powerlifting player got a chance to represent India in Asian Powerlifting championship at South Korea but for the lack of funds she was not able to attend this championship. After learning about her storey from a newspaper NIFAA Chairman Pritpal Singh Pannu contacted her and sponsored her full expenses to the championship including registration fees and air ticket. Motivated player brought moments of laurels and made India pride by winning Gold Medal in the Asian games. She also got a job in Indian Railway on the basis of her outstanding performance.

NIFAA provided scholarships to poor students and free insurance cover to the head of their family under Jan Raksha Scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Insurance premium was paid by NIFAA to help these students for their further study and financial assistance in case of any eventuality. NIFAA also provided free school uniforms and sweaters to the needy students.

Free Cutting and Tailoring Centers: NIFAA is running vocational training centers of cutting and tailoring at Nagar Khera in Taraori, Nagla Farm for the women and girls of poor families of the area. These centers are providing free training to females so that they can earn their livelihood through cutting and tailoring and improve their living conditions.

NIFAA is committed for overall development and empowerment of adolescents especially those belongs to weaker section, SC, ST, Backward Classes and Minority communities. With the support of Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, NIFAA organized two days seminar at Panchayat Bhawan Karnal on the various issues related to adolescents. Further 5 days workshops were conducted in 10 villages of the district for environment building and thematic discussion with parent community. One day seminars were also conducted in 20 more villages to educate parents, students and had healthy discussion with teachers to know the problems of adolescents and ways to improve their conditions. This whole process was very increasing and NIFAA got a tremendous feedback from the participants after the successful completion of the project. To take this exercise further, NIFAA started a telephone helpline at its office where adolescents were given chance to call and discuss their problems and also about their carrier. NIFAA took support from expert psychologists, career counselors, doctors and social workers having experience of child psychology on weekly basis to listen, analysis and suggest measures to the problems of adolescents. NIFAA also conducted literacy survey at village Nagla Farm and Bajidpur to know the number of dropout children and successfully persuaded them to rejoin their study.

In the event of natural calamities the victims required immediate support and help from every section of government as well as society. NIFAA always tried to do its role in such events by providing logistic, financial and voluntary support to the victims. In the wake of Tsunami in India, NIFAA donated a sum of Rs. 51000/- in Prime Ministers Relief Fund and dispatched a group of volunteers to work in the affected area of Tamil Nadu. Similar gesture was shown by NIFAA volunteers during flood disaster in Orissa and earth quake in Himachal pardesh by sending clothes, wheat and rice. Recently NIFAA took an initiative to help Tsunami and earthquake victims of Japan financial support through earth quake victims of Japan and send financial support through their Embassy in India.