helping hands

Besides their commitment to promotion of art and activism young volunteers of National Integrated Forum of Artists and Activists are working whole heartedly to support poor, needy and down-trodden people of various parts of India, and eventually other parts of the world. We are providing three H to the needy people i.e. HOPE, HELP AND HEALTH.

HOPE: Progress is more plausibly judged by the reduction of deprivation than by the further enrichment of the opulent. We cannot really have an adequate understanding of the future without some view about how well the lives of the poor can be expected to go. Is there, then, hope for the poor?

NIFAA gives HOPE to the poor & needy people, orphans and other deprived section of the society that there is HOPE for them that specific programmes, will be undertaken to upgrade their living standards, by assisting them, with schemes that will help them to become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

HELP: To take their hope to a logical end NIFAA always extend all the help, for the deprived people especially to women from the rural & slum areas, by taking up programmes that will assist the people involved, with vocational training programmes, that will help them to be self-sufficient and also provide opportunities for the unemployed youth to be self-reliant, so that they will earn additional income for their families.

HEALTH: NIFAA provide health care, for the target groups by organizing awareness camps, health camps and provide free treatment and medicine. Working on the principle of 3H, NIFAA started various projects with a motive of extending a helping hand to the needy.