cultural exegesis

NIFAA is also providing training and platform to budding Indian artists to improve and showcase their talent at National & International level. NIFAA organized various state level talent hunt programmes and competitions to find out talent in the different areas of art and culture and the winners were given opportunity to represent the state in National level competitions and International events. NIFAA artists participated in National level dance and drama competitions held at Shimla, Cuttack, West Bengal and bagged 1st and 2nd positions in their respective items.

Following are the feather in the cap of NIFAA in cultural area:-

NIFAA Bhangra (folk dance of Punjab) stood 1st in All India Folk dance competition organized by All India Artists Association Mumbai at Shimla. Again the team performed its best at in National level dance and drama competitions held at West Bangal and Cuttack and won top position in the individual & group folk dance category. Puri Administration specially invited NIFAA team to perform at world fame Puri Festival.

Harish Verma a versatile artist was associated with "A misunderstood Hero of India" a light and sound drama produced by NIFAA. He was also a member of NIFAA team who presented a cultural show at Mauritius. He was selected by Colors Channel for its very popular serial "Na Aana Is Desh Laado" and is at present portraying the character of "Avtar" and has become a house hold name in India.

Tarlochan Singh another artist who was performing the character of great legendary Shaheed Bhagat Singh in the same light and sound drama, "A Misunderstood Hero of India" was picked up by India News Channel and played the role of Shaheed Bhagat Singh in its serial "Jury". He also won National positions in mimicry at Inter-University competitions.

President of Assam branch of NIFAA, Gaurab Hazarika is a brilliant choreographer. Having multiple national level awards and accolades in his CV, he conducted a workshop at Mauritius for the mentally challenged children for a week. On the invitation of APRPDI, a social organization of Mauritius, he on the behalf of positive approach organized week long dance workshop with special children and brought them lot of happiness and positive approach to life.

When event management companies were organizing business fares to earn money, NIFAA started a new trend by organizing "Dreamz-2007" a week long cultural fare at Karnal to promote our rich cultural heritage. All the seven days, different styles of Indian art and culture like Sufiana Singing, Folk Dances, Magic Show, Classical dance and singing, performances enthralled the viewers and enlightened them about the cultural treasure of India. More than 20,000 people enjoyed cultural performances in these seven days.

Dandiya Zone programmes were organized at large scale in collaboration with Dainik Jagran and Dainik Bhaskar both leading Hindi newspapers at Karnal to present the fabulous dance style of Gujrat during days of Navratras.

NIFAA organized various joint programmes in collaboration with International organizations and artists, so that people could watch and know culture of India as well as of visiting foreign artists. Since 2006, Japanese groups are visiting every year on the invitation of NIFAA to show their talent in different musical and dance style. Japan foundation, Japan Information Center, Embassy of Japan in India had associated with NIFAAto arrange these performances in small cities like Karnal, Kurukshetra, Yamuna Nagar, which were only available for metro cities before this. Similarly world renowned singer "Reshma" entertained the audience of Haryana with her melodious voice on the invitation of NIFAA.

A number of NIFAA groups visited Mauritius, Japan, U.K. and USA etc. to perform and show the rich Indian culture. Foreign electronic and print media appreciated NIFAA efforts of strengthening cultural tie-up between the countries. Light and Sound Drama, "A Misunderstood Hero of India-Bhagat Singh" and Indian folk dances by NIFAA artists were recorded and broadcast by Mauritius Broadcasting