Chairman & Founder NIFAA
pritpal singh pannu

Welcome to National Integrated Forum of Artists and Activists, a youth-led organization that gets youth involved with making a difference and inspiring young leaders to change the world into a better place for living. It's been another big year for us and we're extremely thankful to everyone who has contributed their bit, to making it a success, from our expanding team of committed volunteers, our patrons, our advisors, our partners and our Donors! And we are really hopeful in the future for the same support and dedications to sail this voyage to higher success and achievements. In this update we have tried to amalgamate all snapshots of our activities of social and cultural upliftment.

While addressing students of prestigious Wharton business school, Philadelphia in America our Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says “the great challenge of transforming india can be achieved through youth which has got the power of ideas, ambition and ability. This resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation.

According to the population survey taken by the UN, youth (15~24 years of age) comprises 18% ofthe world population with 85% of them living in developing countries, with approximately 60% -in Asia alone. And especially in India, 47% of population is below the age of 20. So why is so much of emphasis laid on this 18% of the world population? Why do we depend so much on the potential of youth?

With 65% of our population is youth, our focus right now has to be the ‘youth’. The nation knows the power of Indian youth. But does the youth know its power? Are they responsible youth? The time has come for the youth to come to the front and start doing. Swamiji Vivekananda gives a divine message to our youth on "goal, ideas, concentration" etc. He says that “youth can change the shape of the world, but they need to change themselves to accomplish this”.

For that to happen, the youth must realize their responsibiIity.. .. But, do they? Moreover what do they think of the current conflicts of our society, Or The problem of Indian economy? In NIFAA, We are working to emphasis on the power of the youth, to develop the nation. To bring up the required change of the moment and to activate those active citizen of our country who feels themselves responsible for all occurring around them.

Here we believe,
We should realize something ....We Indians are obsessed about tomorrow... Why It is always tomorrow will be a brighter day? 
Someday we will eradicate poverty?
Someday we will bring equality among all..?
In the future we will be a global superpower?
l wonder what's with now?
Why not now?
Why not today?
We really need to work today ..

lf you think about it, perhaps the future of our country lies in each one of us realizing one simple thing --- Maybe tomorrow actually begins today..

Today is a very important day, when we have zeal for betterment and development. The potential power of our nation needs to realize their worth and dwell up the seed of nation's growth into the super power. This drive of spirit and enthusiasm can be best fueled with the unfathomable abilities and power of youth into the mammoth experience of change to provide our nation with firm locus standee.

Today's youth are the people who can change the world. They should be working constantly fortheir communities, theirfamilies, their cities, and their world. Their action should be focused on youth issues, addressing young people as a whole, not isolating
other peopie on the basis of racial, gender, religion, or sexual discriminations. Their work should be people oriented rather materialistic. As they are the fighter of this time, to fight against corruption, discrimination and differences.

For that reason we believe that the importance is self-development at the beginning. So we spend most of our times on that field. We try to make the youth learn by executing it and running it. We give chance to include youths in taking part in the boarding community and they learn leadership, and they took interest in the projects both at preparation and
application levels. This gives them motivation and self-confidence. It's the thing that we've aimed for. It is the time to unlock the power of infinite youth and mould them for constructing and developing the nation and the planet. I invite younger generation of India to come forward & use their hidden potential for constructive and positive drive. l invite them to join NIFAA.